Ewing Township, NJ

Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Ewing New Jersey

Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Ewing New Jersey

The Impact of a Healing Experience

Losing someone you love can be shattering. Our funeral staff can help you set the stage for the future by providing your family and friends with an opportunity to begin the healing process.

Hopewell Memorial Home & Cremation, which serves Ewing NJ residents, provides families with a beautiful setting in which to gather those who wish to honor your loved one. With reception facilities and catering services, an event can be created that will long be remembered.

You have ideas and stories to share. We have the experience. Together we can arrange the perfect personalized life tribute or celebration. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, or simply have questions about what your next step should be, please contact us.

Creating a ceremony that calls together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is the gift of a lifetime. We can make suggestions that will enhance your ideas and create a fitting and memorable event. you create a service that truly reflects the uniqueness of your loved one.  

Defining Burial and Cremation

Whichever you choose, here’s what makes each one special:Cremation

Cremation only refers to the manner in which you or your loved one has chosen to deal with the physical remains. We want you to know that this decision doesn’t limit the ways you can honor your loved one's life. We suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service because your need for such a healing experience is not lessened by the decision to be cremated. The options are limited only by your imagination.

When you choose cremation, it’s important to remember to plan for the permanent placement of cremated remains as well. Cremation memorialization at your local cemetery is important for many reasons:

·         A permanent site gives loved ones a physical place for visitation and reflection.

·         The ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or a cremation garden in a cemetery provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one.

·         When ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years, as future generations may not feel a connection to the deceased.

·         A permanent placement provides future generations with a location to visit when researching heritage.


If burial has been selected, usually any ceremonies we design revolve around the casket being present. You can choose to follow tradition, with a viewing, and then a funeral service in a place of worship or memorial chapel. Or you could decide to have a more relaxed service, even in your family home.

Funeral Service

·         Visitation and/or viewing with family and friends gathering

·         Funeral ceremony with your loved one present

·         Location choices: Funeral home, church or another location of your choosing

·         Committal service and disposition of your loved one (earth burial, entombment, or cremation) follow the ceremony

·         Reception sharing food and beverage at funeral home, church or another location of your choosing

Graveside Service

As the name says, a graveside service is held in the cemetery at the location of interment. It is a simple remembrance service, conducted by clergy or a family member. Most cemeteries will set up chairs and tents depending on the weather. If it is meaningful to them, the family can witness the lowering of the casket or drop flowers or a handful of dirt into the grave.

·         The ceremony takes place at the site of the burial with the casket or cremation urn.

·         Reception sharing food and beverage at funeral home or another location of your choosing

Memorial Service

This is a formal or informal ceremony for family and friends without your loved one present. This may take place anywhere, anytime in conjunction with any other service options.