We accommodate to all different types of religions to make sure that their funeral is fit for their culture, and their family.

You and your family deserve the best funeral service in NJ. When death occurs, it is important to remember your culture and use that as a foundation for the funeral service. Whatever your faith or religion, we will respect your culture and wishes. 



We offer simple, and inexpensive caskets for the body. Traditionally, "Vibuti" (Ash) is put on a male's forehead, while"chandanam" is applied to the woman. Flowers are placed around the neck, and the holy basil would be put into the casket. At this point in time during the wake, attendees crowd the casket and can have the option of singing hymns. Before the body is removed from the casket, attendees may place "pinda", or rice balls, near the casket. Once the ceremony is over, the casket is removed feet-first and brought to be cremated.


All Hindus, excluding children and saints, are cremated.

Caskets can either be delivered through a herst or can be carried through a stretcher. For Hindus living outside of India, there are companies that can arrange for the cremation of the body to be held overseas.

However, in the United States, only proper crematories can cremate bodies. The body will be brought in feet-first, facing south. Crematories allow ceremonies before the cremation, so you and your family would be able to perform whatever rituals you'd like. In this case, the ritual circling of the body would be okay to do.

Arriving Home

After the cremation services, attendees will take a shower and change into fresh clothes. After that is complete, everyone will sit down and have dinner together.

Hindu Mourning Periods

One year after the death, "sraddha" occurs. "Sraddha" is a memorial event to pay homage to the deceased. The karta will invite Brahmins, members of the highest caste, to the home and provide them with an elaborate meal, treating them as he would his own parents.

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