History & Staff

We do not claim to have been in the business since horse drawn carriages and Ford Model T's, but we do have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life and religious beliefs.  We dedicate ourselves to providing caring and affordable services and merely not motivated by profit.  If you are seeking a professional funeral home that puts the cares and concerns of people  above generating income, then please allow us to consult with you in your time of need.

Our History

Our History

Helping families honor their loved one after a loss, the Hopewell Memorial Home & Cromwell Funeral Home of Hopewell Valley continues the tradition which John Cromwell started almost 70 years ago, offering excellent services in a warm and home-like environment at an affordable price.

Continuing the same rituals followed by Mr. Cromwell, the company provides funeral services to New Jersey residents mainly throughout Mercer County in the Hopewell Valley and Princeton Area.  Our qualified staff and completely updated building and property, are equipped with all the resources a family need during times of their hardship.

From affordable cremation to full service funerals, Hopewell Memorial Home and Cromwell Funeral Home of Hopewell Valley provides an unlimited amount of themes and services to honor the deceased while keeping dignity, personal attention and respect for their clients.  All requests are fulfilled.

Whether you have an immediate need or looking to pre-plan your funeral or cremation, please call us at 609-466-3632 to consult with us.  We are happy to visit you at your home or simply have a conversation over the telephone or email. Info@HopewellMemorial.com

Our Relation to Cromwell Funeral Home

The history of Cromwell Funeral Home dates back almost 70 years when John Cromwell built the building specifically to provide the town of Hopewell Borough a comfortable setting for funerals to take place as viewings and memorial services were being moved out of people's homes and into funeral parlors.

The current owner purchased the existing property in 2013 at a distressed sale after the previous owner had defaulted on their mortgages and real estate taxes to the town. Shortly after taking possession of the property, Mr. Cohan, who had been looking to relocate to Hopewell and start a family, fully renovated the neglected building and returned it to the magnificent beauty and original splendor.

"I felt a commitment to the town of Hopewell to continue the tradition that was started so many years ago by John Cromwell, to provide a great product and service at a reasonable cost to the community", explains Mr. Cohan. 

After these renovations, Mr. Cohan changed the name from Cromwell Funeral Home to Hopewell Memorial Home, then later added the name Cromwell Funeral Home of Hopewell Valley to remediate any confusion from Wilson-Apple, located in Pennington, NJ.

Unlike other Funeral Homes and Cremation Service companies in the area, Hopewell Memorial Home & Cremation is reasonably priced, and will never try to sell something to a family that is unnecessary, providing open and honest communication from the very first phone call.

The staff is "at your beck and call", willing to visit you at home, consult with you at no obligation, provide financing if needed, or anything else that will make this experience as comfortable as possible. 

The caring, professional staff at Hopewell Memorial Home & Cromwell Funeral Home of Hopewell Valley is committed to providing caring, compassionate and professional service to our community and to every family we are entrusted to serve. 


                                                                                                                                                   Please contact us: 609-FUNERAL

Our Staff

Christopher Merlino, Hopewell Memorial Home's manager, is a renowned name and second generation Funeral Director working in the same region for almost 2 decades. He deeply cares and understands the needs of the community and is available for you 24 hours each day, 7 days a week to provide information for you during this extremely hard times. Christopher has a reputation for treating all of families with dignity and respect during their difficult time.  All families know his direct mobile telephone number and he is available at a moments notice via phone, text or email. 

  • Mr. Christopher Merlino

    Mr. Christopher Merlino Funeral Director & Manager

  • Mr Todd Michael Cohan

    Mr Todd Michael Cohan Owner - President

  • Carol Stasiak

    Carol Stasiak Office Manager